Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Press react with shock

The Evening Standard has given my comments on the casino decision front page treatment, quoting my 'curse of the Dome' remark on page 1 and as the inside page headline. I was also booked to appear on Newsnight, but have now been dropped because of the Lord Levy story. I shall certainly have a lot of questions for AEG when they appear at Council tomorrow.

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Roger Thomas said...

The curse of the dome is in part a reality. Having looked at the plans and proposals in August 1997, it was possible to see the flaws in the project.
To make it a success I did apply to the NMEC and Lord Falconer for the role of creative director/project manager.

When the competition was announced in 2001 I submitted a proposal. This was the proposal that the Governments consultants wanted to support.

That it was not the winner and having seen the competition criteria, AEG should not have won, attention should be focused on the involvment with the Government in the competition.

There is a curse on the dome, but it has a practical source. The competition criteria were not adhered to. The opposition should have ensured they were.

In Google blog search Millennium Dome, the top hit has resulted in many readers seeing what should have been the winning proposal.