Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Order ! Order!

A slightly surreal interruption to what was otherwise a fairly ordinary two-and-a half hours of Woolwich area planning committee tonight. Shortly after we had dealt with the extention of a controlled parking zone and moved onto a controversial tree felling issue (stay with me on this), a middle-aged lady wandered into the committee room and started asking where Nick Raynsford was. Told that as the local MP he was probably at the House of Commons rather than the Town Hall, she became rather angry and, ignoring requests to leave, started shouting about her grievances. These seemed to have something to do with her plumbing, but I couldn't be sure. With no security staff on hand, Committee Chairman Cllr. John Wakefield stepped in and managed courteously but assertively to escort her from the room and we continued with the meeting. Hopefully if she does ever catch up with Mr Raynsford he'll be able to offer her rather more help than our array of bemused faces did.

MP Raynsford - in demand.

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