Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This morning at 11am the 350 million pound question for the Dome is answered as we discover whether Greenwich has won the licence for the super-Casino or not. 350 million is the amount of investment from AEG which hinges on the decision going our way, so the stakes are high. If we win it will be despite Labour's clumsy handling of the issue- if we lose, many will conclude the controversy damaged the bid. Only another two hours to go

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andrew said...

Well we lost. And I'll try (and probably fail) to be as magnanimous as I can and contain my glee, for the benefit of those who supported the bid, including the wretched official Opposition in Greenwich.

It's time for the Council to rebuild bridges with its residents - the very people who, after all, elected you to the positions you now hold. You must, as a matter of urgency, hold a major public debate to understand whether Greenwich residents want a casino on the site. I believe that people don't want one. But I've been out speaking to people. You believe they do. You now need to know for sure who is right.

You must hold AEG's feet to the fire. They mustn't be allowed to get away with blackmail. Some of their recent statements have been absolutely outrageous. If we need 2 large hotels for the Olympics then they must be encouraged to build them. Enforce whatever contractual arrangements are in place.

This has been a very sorry affair for the Council, from which both Labour and Conservative contingents emerge scarred. It's time to show us how diplomatic and statesmanlike you can be, by forging a more reciprocal, consultative path going forward.