Friday, August 11, 2006

Well, the letter has arrived from the Council, and the news is that they still will not publish the report into the possible effects of a SuperCasino on the Borough (new readers see numerous previous posts). To be fair to them, it isn't Greenwich who are blocking the release - it seems it is PwC who are causing the problem. I have therefore gone ahead with my "Fletcher gagged" press release.

The letter states: “the report was prepared by PwC on the contractual basis that the information in it should not be made publicly available… They confirmed that they would reconsider granting consent to disclosure, once the bidding process had concluded… PwC have since restated their objection to disclosure of the report.”

In my press release I have said: “This whole saga is becoming rather absurd. The casino bid is of crucial importance to the future regeneration of the Borough, and I am very much in favour of it, but people should be able to debate the issue on its merits before the decision is made, not afterwards. I have great sympathy for Council officers, who seem to have their hands tied by the obstruction of PwC. Meanwhile, I am effectively gagged from discussing information which I believe should rightly be in the public domain.”

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andrew said...

Hi Nigel

I wasn't aware that one could contract out of the Freedom of Information Act...?

Too bad for PwC in fact. If they didn't want it in the public domain then they shouldn't have produced a report for a public interest entity. The Council's got this one wrong. Did you forward the response to the Information Commissioner?