Tuesday, August 08, 2006

As Tony Blair finally flies out on holiday, we face the dubious prospect of John Prescott being left(nominally at least) minding the shop. This reminds me that I have still not had a response to my ongoing enquiries about Greenwich Council's contacts with the Deputy PM's office over the "Supercasino" application for the Dome, and the report the Council commissioned from PWC into the effects it may have on the Borough (see previous posts).

Having today again badgered Council officials for an answer, I am led to expect some kind of a response from them tomorrow. I hope then to be able to report an outbreak of openness and transparency at the Town Hall, with all relevant details laid before the good people of Greenwich. If not, I fear I will have to resort to rather louder tactics - how does "Tory Councillor gagged over Casino Bid" sound?

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