Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The local paper today has quite a big story on my criticism of John Prescott, with a picture of me looking suitably concerned outside the Dome. Interesting to see that Nick Raynsford dismisses it as "tittle-tattle"and asserts that "John Prescott has not had any responsibilities about the decisions on super casinos". I thought even Prescott had given up that defence, given it is now pretty obvious that he did oversee relevant Cabinet committees.

(PS I'm grateful to the Blogger-in-Chief, Iain Dale, for mentioning my Dome FOI request on his unrivalled blog)

UPDATE: The other local paper also has a story on this, with a quote from a Council spokesman saying: "Cllr Fletcher has access to information other residents don't have. However, we will answer his questions as soon as possible but we have a policy of not discussing correspondence with councillors in the press".


The Last Boy Scout said...

Nigel, I know that you are currently not allowed to disclose it's contents.

But, was the report good or bad?

Nigel said...

To quote Yes Minister, it was very well typed.

Seriously - nice try, but I'll decline the invitation to incriminate myself and prompt a Standards Board inquiry! All I will say is that it informs the publicly-available submission the Borough made to the Casino Advisory Panel, and has relevant background info to that. Hence, I think it is of legitimate public interest.

The Last Boy Scout said...

Well you can't blame a guy for trying.

Seriously though I agree with you totally on this subkect, and hope you are successful with your FoI request.