Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It is reported on GreenwichWatch that Greenwich Council have confirmed they are looking into a number of Freedom of Information requests about the Dome Casino bid and the PWC report. I had my own reply to my request earlier today, saying they are having to consult with 'third parties' before making a decision on releasing it. This means they have contacted not only PWC, but Phillip Anshutz's company AEG and prospective casino operator Kertzner. All of whom are, I'm sure, deluged with such requests at present.

Interesting to hear that there are more requests than just mine - clearly the press and aggrieved members of the public are taking an active interest in the issue. I don't expect an answer until next week at the earliest, by which time perhaps Mr Prescott will have done the decent thing and quit. Or more likely not.

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